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A 3/5 for great ceramic department but lack of community sometimes
Awesome school that helped me to make my dream come true
This school could do so much better in terms of convocation ceremony in Covid time. They could have several small out door ceremonies this year or postpone the whole thing to the next year, instead of making a video and name it convocation ceremony.
I think Emily Carr is headed in a cool direction. I have really enjoyed the mentorship of a lot of people here. I give it a 4 star because I think there is still a lot the school can do to be better.
Alessandra Martinez
Most of my professors were very considerate with Due dates for assignments considering that most of us are working to provide tuition and that we are not in our best mental state with the pandemic we are in. Overall I had a positive experience during most of classes. The councilling provided at Emily Carr helped me cope with my anxious over one ...
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This school is great for opening one's mind and learning how to articulate better with their art. You learn a lot about art history, and how art has been used to express one's self at different points in history, which in term helps one put their own meaning and emotions into their art. This school doesn't teach how to create art as much though....
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I graduated in May 2020 from the ID program. My overall experience was good but I feel like I could have learned more but the class structures were not planned for that.
Shiva kp
I joined right before covid-19 pandemic had begun. Until March i was enjoying being part of the campus, seeing other students and faculty members. Overhearing conversations, various crits, works on display and the gallery changing their collections. However since then its just been the most difficult alienated experience ive had as an art studen...
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Ishika Tripathi
I really like the school and I love my program.
Edwina Liao
Great place to be an interdisciplinary artist. Lots of chances to try new mediums/ take lots of different classes
I was hoping more to build on art fundamentals as well as experiment, especially due to limited access of materials in the pandemic. Online does not work for me and I will be taking a gap until I can attend 100% in person. I really wish we just got reimbursed for the events fee instead of getting vouchers for icecream, plants, bubble tea etc, so...
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Gabriel Saenz
Really good school. However it has its downfalls of a lack of community between students as well as technical education.
Now I see how truly innovative this school is. The people are simply the best and so kind. I was introduced to a world of art and thinking that I will forever cherish.
Regina Nogues
I love studying at Emily Carr specialty as a Mexican high school graduate I really appreciate the school system and how supportive it is towards diversity of though and creativity. I didn’t rate it a 5 because I do believe you could make a bigger effort in addressing global issues not only Canadian or from the USA.
Since everything went online with the bare minimum for hybrid being done, I’ve lost whatever sense of community Emily Carr once had. Which honestly sucks. It takes away from the whole university experience.
Whilst there are plenty of issues to consider while eating emily carr, as it’s not perfect, i’ve still had a really great experience so far with my classes and the people there.
My experience so far has not been what I would have chosen to experience, if I new how impersonal the school it. There is no community for new students and students have to use outside forms of communication to converse.
Ashlee H
I really love what this school has done for me. Not only have I opened up to new material usage and cultural understandings but I’ve grown as a person and developed better connections between myself and my art
why is tuition so much if i’m not inside a school using the facilities. don’t take the bus anymore because of covid but i’m still paying so much money for upass. i want explanations
A. H.
Beautiful campus:) missing some important things though like studio access, student exercise program of some kind
Olivia Jeong
During this tough time, our community and school went through and overcome well so far, I really respect and appreciate all you efforts. School, community, faculty and students did not leave me alone from the world situations and school. Even this tragic time, our Emily Carr community made me stronger and unhesitatingly to overcome this time. Th...
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I have to admit I was a little nervous of how the content delivery for this course would work out, being a design newbie. I have been so pleasantly surprised at how amazing my remote learning experience has been. This program has been so life changing already. For the first time ever, I can’t wait to keep learning.
I give my experience so far 4/5 mostly due to constraints caused by covid which, while unavailable, have definitely impacted the quality of my experience. Other than the setbacks outlined below I've been very happy with my education.

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