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Kathirvel Balakrishnan, Solution Architect, the...   |   29/11/2017
It did not take much time to conclude that the University of Birmingham was the right choice for me due to the reputation of it's academics, world rankings and research achievements. I was confident I would gain all the necessary support during my transition and transformation into the world of business. Originally, I applied for the Online MSc ...
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Carola Gasparini, EBS Care   |   29/08/2017
Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world thanks to its magical atmosphere. Here you can find culture, history, fantastic people, delicious food and perfect weather! The school is located in my favourite area and offers the barista course too!”
Pia Malmberg, Head Instructor & Manager   |   29/08/2017
Australia really is one of the greatest places to visit, I would recommend that everyone should visit Australia at least once in their lives! I love Sydney and I want to make sure that we keep making the best bartending experience for so many people to come. Only the sky is our limit :)

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