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University of Pècs is the best university in my opinion. I have found a home away from home where I get quality education that makes me better placed anywhere in the world as a professional while at the same time enjoying my time as a student. Highly recommend studying in Pècs for that wholesome experience!!
Pécs city and PTE gave me unforgettable memories for lifetime
Suhib Bani Hamad
one of the best programs to study International Relations and to learn about the European Union and European integration, I really recommend this program in such an excellent university and a professional academic staff.
Professors in the faculty are dedicated to growing not just the program but students as well, their very easygoing and amicable nature make it easy to collaborate on various activities/projects
Mesa Rose
The patience and compassion of the professors in PTE's social work department have assured me that social work is the major meant for me. I am constantly encouraged to challenge myself through critical thinking and I am eager to discover what my future in social work may hold.
Nursing as a degree is quite challenging as a whole but the university of pecs makes it easier for students by the dedication and compassion that the lecturers show to their students.They offer the best quality of education whereby they help you to obtain the practical and theoretical knowledge you will need as a nurse to achieve your dreams and...
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Yan xirui
I became a scholarship recipient after graduating from high school in 2019 and came to Hungary to study. At first, I had many difficulties and was afraid to communicate with others, but my teachers found face problems, and they continued to support and encourage me to help me overcome Difficulties, become a better version of yourself. The scho...
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Fidel Gatimu
I enjoy this program because it is not only theoretical but hands-on as well and makes us become all-rounded and holistic engineers who can go toe to toe with the best of the best because the quality of education is world-class. I would recommend the University of Pecs to anyone who wants to be in the next generation of Civil engineers who will ...
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Nasir Bappah Dukku
Studying at University of Pecs has curved my thinking into a global mindset. Being at the university where you link up with diverse cultures and experiences, my study and general living has been steered towards globalization. Having to study about different parts of the world has been the most exciting part of the journey; it’s not only focused ...
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Dafina Toplanaj
I am very glad that I did my BSc in this University because I got quite good knowledge. I can prove that now that I am doing my master somewhere else, and I can see that I am very prepared academically. The professors there are very helpful, kind and well-prepared. I guarantee that you will have a great time with them. Beside studies, in this ci...
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Shaheer Ahmad
This program is easy in the beginning but then some tough subjects come up, this program is interesting plus makes you work harder, the laboratory practices are also the dire part of the whole program, along with that there are field trips that give students the practical approach towards different plant and animal species
Laetitia Z
The program overall is a tough one to be realistic but it is an amazing experience. If you are lazy person this definitely ain't the program for you but if you are hardworking and determined to succeed then this will just fit you. I love the fact that the teachers and professors are very patient with the students and amazingly keen to impart t...
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The program is great, its structure includes courses by professors that give detailed descriptions about the subjects they teach and do not move on till you get the material. Their willingness to take in your ideas and questions during class and have discussions on them even if those ideas and questions don't match their own, is like no other. ...
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Ouijdane --- El Arabi
It was Ana amazing experience at the University of Pécs
Deivi Mazniku
Warm atmosphere! Supportive teachers. Good quality education.

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