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Rabeb G
Being part of the Applied Linguistics department, i've gained many skills and valuable knowledge that allow me to introduce myself as a linguist now. The opportunity to join the University of Pannonia has pushed me towards fulfilling my ambitions and getting a successful career. The friendly multinational multicultural atmosphere that the uni of...
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Quality education and a friendly community
Eman Abukhairan
Literally, the master's program in International Studies was my first step to the real world, I developed uncountable skills, gained valuable knowledge in dozens fields, and got the chance to explore new languages and cultures being in the international multicultural atmosphere the campus has. Most importantly, I would say that I discovered my ...
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Yeva Torosyan
It is elaborated an effective curriculum. It helped me to strengthen my capacities and knowledge.
Noor Mousa
This program was very rich and multi-disciplinary, I learned a lot of new things and was involved in different areas of research. I got the chance to meet with students from different countries around the world and to make good friendships, also meeting with professors and visiting experts to the campus. An advantage that poured in my interest a...
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Alaa saleem
Our campus in Kőszeg is incredible, we have professors who are from all over the world, the program is very interesting and valuable, our coordinator is totally very helpful and friendly. My review about our MA, is fabulous.
Farzana Christopher
Studying International studies at University of Pannonia has been an awesome opportunity in terms of learning in completely different environment with the various point of view from the international students across the world. Studying and living together with such a dynamic group opens a window to have a better analysis of practices of one's ow...
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It is great program with great professors! You learn a lot about diffirent topics within International Relations. Moreoever, you strenghten your research skills thanks to the program's activities and seminars.
Nour Hussein
If you like to have a close relation with your classmates and professors, if you want to study in a calm and cosy place! So you should differently try international studies MA program in Koszeg :)
Panhavaon Tan
Studying here at the university has enlightened me with monumental opportunities in the last three years. All professors have shaped me to become an outstanding here and I have been grown more personally, academically, and professionally through there advice, guidance, support, and benevolence.

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