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Lea B.
Studying at KATAP opened up a whole new world for me. Although I've studied acting before in my country, I did not feel comfortable with myself in front of people. The psychosomatic approach helped me understand my inner self (or better said: selves) and my body better. Our lab-like work enabled a stream of big changes in my perception of stage....
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Ivana Atanasova Iff
Dialogical Acting with the Inner Partner is the real strength of this department, which aims to move towards finding the authentic author in you. This "discipline", or rather call it a practice, that has little to do with acting skills (as we perceive them nowadays), but is bound to the momentary truth of existing as "the doer" and "the observer...
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The Authorial Acting program is not a classic drama studies program. What you'll receive is top notch movement, voice and speech education that will equip you with skills necessary for any actor. How you’ll use these skills on stage is up to you and that’s the biggest advantage and challenge of the program. Artistically, it built up my confidenc...
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A Asikainen
I came to this programme as a filmmaker, mainly a writer and director, who wished to train himself also as an actor. This was the first aspect that makes this programme unique. The doors are open to people from various backgrounds, not only actors. In fact, whatever field or background you come from, this is considered a potential and something ...
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M Hannon
I studied in DAMU Prague, Authorial acting, masters programme for three years. It was the most fulfilled artistic period of my life so far. I learnt how to 'not act', be genuine and truthful on the stage, and be unfazed by anything that might happen. All was in service of the reality of the moment. It was wonderful!

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