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The program as a whole covers a lot of aspects related to Data Analytics as well as Operations Research such as concepts related to Statistics, Analysis of Algorithms, Machine Learning, Optimization and so on. However, I would surely say the Analytics Project in the 2nd semester of the program is one of the best parts in the curriculum. It has g...
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Jiratsa Sittichamroenkhun
All modules offered in this program bridge the gap between the technical perspective and the management perspective. At the same time, RWTH Aachen University is a top-ranked university in Germany which confirmed for me that qualified and highly experienced people are there. I especially like that the professors not only give the theoretical part...
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Tobias (Graduation Class 2020)
This program highly supports me in advancing my interdisciplinary and intercultural mindset at the intersection of state-of-the-art technologies and management. It equips me with the right skills and toolset to cope with future managerial, technological and societal challenges in increasingly global ecosystems. What I particularly like about the...
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Su Min (Graduation Class 2020)
The most important criteria I looked for when deciding for a program were the possibilities of customization and individualization. As a distance learner, I am highly satisfied with the flexibility that the MME-TIME program provides me with. However, this certainly doesn't mean that the modules are easy-going and all forgiving. You need to work ...
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Axel (Graduation Class 2020)
The RWTH Business School's DDS program is placed on the sweet spot between Operations Research and Data Science. This provides me with the great opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills in various professional environments. Having an industrial engineering background, Operations Research is one of my favorite fields of interest. Being able t...
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Peter (Graduation Class 2020)
Along with the great reputation of RWTH Business School, I believe the Data Analytics and Decision Science program is going to open unlimited possibilities for my future. The combination of the wide range of applicability for Data Science in Healthcare, Climate Change, etc., the enjoyable day-to-day activities that involve statistics, programmin...
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Roney (Graduation Class 2020)
The DDS program is very industry relevant and the topics are highly trending job skills. I really like the practical application oriented course structure and how it is a right blend of management and technical courses. One important thing that I learnt apart from the technical skills, is the power of networking in professional circles. Events l...
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Shruti (Graduation Class 2020)
I graduated in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. After that, I worked for 2 and a half years in the field of Business Analytics as a Business Intelligence consultant. During my work experience in the field of BA majorly pertaining to supply chain management, I was aspiring to do my masters to get better in the analytics fie...
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Ana Maria (Graduation Class 2019)
When I was looking for a Master degree I had two main criteria in mind: (1) join one of the top universities in Europe and (2) find a program that combines Business and Engineering. The MME-TIME offered the perfect combination. RWTH Aachen University is one of the most important universities in Germany and it is internationally known for its exc...
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Victor (Graduation Class 2019)
Before joining the MME TIME program, my view of the corporate world was limited to one organization and its ecosystem. During the Master, we were exposed to case studies and practical examples from multiple organizations acting in very diverse industry domains. This exposure allowed me not only to develop new sets of skills that are more broadly...
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Mauricio (Graduation Class 2020)
I really enjoy the city vibe in Aachen. Since a big percentage of the inhabitants are students there's always something going on. Its geographical situation is very convenient because it's situated right at the border to Belgium and the Netherlands making weekend travels so easy. I love that everything is in walking distance and there's no need ...
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Channpreet (Graduation Class 2020)
I can say that in just 5 months, I feel the impact of the MME-TIME program on my overall personality. I am beginning to look at problems in a different way, finding out the root cause and tackling it step by step, so to say. It has definitely given a direction to my thought process and developed my analytical thinking which gives me confidence t...
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