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Maria J.
I want to focus on practices that are sustainable for the planet and its people. I began to look abroad for masters programs that align with my principles and would enable me to turn this career goal into a reality. Immediately, LSB stood out for its global reach, diversity, eco-friendly focus, and of course the amazing country of Luxembourg.
Joe S.
The fact that the Luxembourg School of Business has close ties to a number of important players on the job market in Luxembourg and designed its courses with a practice-orientated mindset are without a doubt huge advantages for kickstarting a successful career and some of the aspects that convinced me to apply for this program.
Basile D.
As I would like to direct my future career towards corporate finance and international management, having the opportunity to integrate your business school, and more specifically the Master in Management, with the major in financial management, would allow me to further develop my academic knowledge of financial management and to benefit from th...
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Thina B.
LSB is a focal destination between Europe, North America and MENA (North Africa and Middle East). The high standards and qualifications of the Faculty Professors coming from various parts of The World is also a clear demonstration of LSB's ability to reach out to the World. The cosmopolitan students community is also an important criteria to enl...
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Selma Z.
The professors are well prepared and happy to answer any questions at any time, students are friendly and nice as well as the staff. I highly recommend this school if you would like to be in cosmopolitan environment.
Gabriel A.
The Master in Management Program from the LSB is the perfect opportunity for me to build a competent management profile and differentiate myself. This while acquiring the crucial skills and knowledge I need to bring my ambitions to the next stage.
Wade T.
Luxembourg, with a AAA Financial rating, and a robust and diversified economy, has piqued an interest to further my Studies at the Luxembourg School of Business. The institution’s focus on employability, which also includes a 6-month paid internship are just a few key facts that made me extremely interested in the Program. Upon completion of the...
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Charlotte E.
I have a real interest in the financial field. Deepening my knowledge in a school such as Luxembourg School of Business would be the opportunity to excel in the field of finance and start my career with the best possible predispositions in an environment full of opportunities.
Doing an MBA, it’s not only about studying, but you also reconsider yourself, your position in life and in the business. All the leadership modules help you out to target further than what you think before. The Weekend MBA brought me also a lot of tools that I can use right away in my daily work. Finally, I choose the Weekend MBA because of the ...
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I learned a lot of tools and concepts that are immediately applicable and that’s the most important thing for a business school. What you learned, you can apply it tomorrow. I also choose LSB because it is located in the middle of Europe, so you can have an international network. The biggest challenge I faced was how to handle the time. I had to...
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I choose the Weekend MBA for the flexibility of its format. I also like very much the international faculty. It’s really amazing to attend a class in Luxembourg with Professors from Harvard or MIT. The school has a realcase based approach and prepare you really better for the daily challenges in your company. I also learn that I can do more of w...
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Before the start of the program, I had a team of 15 people and I did not have a clue how to manage them. With the Weekend MBA, I changed my way of thinking, I understand what means to motivate and inspire people. That was my biggest achievement.
One of the things I like most about our class is that everybody is different: everyone has a different background, a different nationality, a different work experience. We learn by exchanging and communicating with each other. It is a great feeling to discover things together and to grow together. We build a network that I am sure will last in t...
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I decided to do my MBA at Luxembourg School of Business because I thought it was an important decision and important movement in Luxembourg. I wanted to be part of the first generation of MBA graduates from a school that is really starting something exciting and new. I knew it was going to be challenging, and it was a rigorous program that force...
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Studying at LSB was like a journey through rough waters that brought me to better shores with a variety of great people along the way. It has been an enriching experience that has enabled me to become both a better person and a better manager. I have gained a new entrepreneurial mindset, coupled with a business insight that has directly impacted...
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The experience at LSB has been a very valuable one. Not only because I learned new skills, but I also experienced a unique diversity of students from different backgrounds who gave me new perspectives on different business subjects and situations. The MBA brought a lot to my career because I was able to apply the things I learned on the weekend ...
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The MBA provides me with a toolbox for making effective decisions and mastering the uncertainty ahead of the problem as best as I can. The Weekend-MBA is the right format for me since it allows me to continue to work full-time and directly apply these tools and knowledge to our daily business problems.
LSB brings the greatest professors from all across Europe and the other side of the Atlantic and brings them to me here; it is a very special offer. But one of the great benefits of LSB is that you get in contact with people - and it is not brief, you are going to be sitting there and learning with these people for two years.

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