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Eeske Kuipers

When deciding on where to go after high school I looked at which experiences of high school I had enjoyed most. These were my art, art history, and Spanish classes, as well as the trips abroad. Slightly scared to admit it, I knew my future would lie in the art world. Creating, designing, and drawing had always been my passion, so initially I tur...

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Danielle de Kurver

For me, history had always been something I was very interested in. Nevertheless, choosing what program of study to start after secondary school was quite a difficult decision to make. In the end, I chose to study something I knew would make me happy. After the first year, I do not regret making that decision at all. In the first year of the Int...

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Anh Ton

What also makes me so happy with IBCoM is that I’ve got to live in Rotterdam. This is such a vibrant city that you always want to be on the road. This place is also full of opportunities for job seekers. If you want to find an internship to gain experience or if you just simply want to wait tables to earn some money, there’s always something for...

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Varvara Porechenkova

As a child of the 21st century, I have always been involved in media activities and interacted with others through online platforms. I wanted to understand how this field works and decided to apply on IBCoM. After my first year, I can say that I definitely made the right decision! This program allows me not only to explore the media industry but...

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Hui Shan Zhou

As the city of Rotterdam is known for being very international, it only added another favor to come to Erasmus University. The international atmosphere facilitates the adaptation process by a great amount and proves to be helpful when getting used to the city. Due to the fact that most people are coming from all around the world, there is no pla...

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Sebastiaan Reddering

I decided to study IBCoM because of its diversity. By this I am referring to the variety that lies within the courses of the entire programme. While studying IBCoM, you’ll come across courses related to politics and journalism, sociology, business, and the entertainment industry. To me, this was attractive since I initially did not precisely kno...

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Mila van der Ende

During secondary school I visited many different universities and looked at multiple studies in order to make a well informed choice. I felt a great need to choose a study that would challenge me, deepen my knowledge of the world and that would encourage me to look at things critically. This is exactly what the International Bachelor History at ...

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Julie Küpperfahrenberg

Although I was also approved at other universities, when I received my admission for Rotterdam, I did not shed a thought about going somewhere else. Firstly, Erasmus University is highly regarded in Europe. Secondly, the program itself exactly met my interests and my professional background. Thirdly, although I had only been in Rotterdam once be...

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Verena Preshsl

The fact that the master takes only one year while entailing the material of two years was just the cherry on the top, as I knew I'd gain a very intense education in the field of media culture. It was a very conscious choice for my career dreams, yes. I always wanted to become an editor. I wanted to learn as much as I could about the field of me...

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Paula Cidraque Mayné

As a teen, I realized how much I enjoyed visual art, both the creation and appreciation of such in my free time. Therefore, I looked for a study which gave me the opportunity to study academically the art world and put it into practice as well. Additionally, I wanted to meet people who would like to be involved in similar activities as me, as we...

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Anubha Sarkar

Stumbling into the masters programme of Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship was like finding a needle in the haystack. With a bachelors in Journalism and masters in Communication from India and some experience interning with media, culture and information research centres, I was drawn towards the economic and business models of the cultural ...

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Evgeny Dmitrievskiy

This Master taught me how to manage an enormous amount of work within a limited period of time. That capability of dealing with many tasks simultaneously and managing your working hours in balance with personal time is a very good combination for any types of work. Secondly, this Master taught me how to complete big and complex projects using a ...

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Giuliander Carpes

Several factors contributed to my decision to choose the master Media & Business – and most of them were related to a specific career path. First of all, after spending almost 10 years producing news content as a journalist in Brazil, I realized it wat time to understand better the transformations my profession and many others in the media secto...

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Ilse van de Kamp

After I finished my bachelor in Leisure Management, I didn’t feel quite ready to start working. Also I wanted to deepen my knowledge about the cultural sector. A master was a logical choice. I had to do a premaster first, since I did my bachelor at a university of applied sciences (HBO). I ended up in a class with ten different girls, who came f...

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